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Ltd. is located in Jiangsu County of Baoying Province, is a company with more than 20 years of professional rope manufacturing enterprises, through the joint-stock reform in 2005 and the acquisition of shares in 2015, has become the management norms of Yangzhou. The flexible mechanism of owned enterprises; through technical transformation for nearly ten years, now has to meet the need of the production of modern standard workshop, fully automated testing methods. The leading production equipment and technology of machinery; and the national scientific research institutes and colleges of cooperative research and development, production of various kinds of specifications has high protection ability. Civil special cable.

The company registered capital of 32 million 399 thousand and 370 yuan, a total investment of about 34000000 yuan, covers an area of 1.5 square meters of play, existing standard workshop of 6232 square meters, the existing staff of 105 people, 48 sets of various types of domestic advanced cable manufacturing and testing equipment.

The company registered trademark "Runyang" brand, the annual production capacity of 8500 tons of chemical fiber rope. Using the international standard production, with more varieties, all specifications, features can be customized, mainly the production of nylon. Polypropylene. Polyester. B-lun. Aramid fiber. Polyethylene fiber series chemical fibre rope, braided structure with three shares. Four shares. Six shares. Eight shares. Twelve shares. Twenty-four shares thirty-two shares. Forty-eight. Shares and double woven (strands). It is developed with infinite length and infinite length non woven rope section annular woven, specifications from O 3mm- o 160mm, has from the drawing. The twisting plied rope.. to detect the complete production process.

The company has passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification of China Chuan Ji society quality certification center, and obtained the relevant certificate of approval. Successively obtained the China Classification Society (CCS), Germany (CL), France (BV), Japan (NK), Norway (DNV), classification society, factory accreditation certificate. According to the different needs of users, respectively, the United Kingdom (LR), the United States (ABS), Korea (KR). Italy (RINA) and other classification society product inspection certificate. At present, our company has become a member unit and apex writing unit of China shipbuilding industry association. Is one of the professional chemical fiber rope manufacturing enterprises with production strength in china. "Runyang" brand of cable cable first is widely used in ship assembly. Port. Ocean transportation. Offshore oil fields such as sports activities. And exported to the United States, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Western Europe, South America and other countries and regions.

Companies in the production of intellectual rope, to meet market demand at the same time, and actively cooperate with the military to provide a variety of cable products. The company strictly implement GJB GJB9001B-2009 management standards, actively introducing and implementing performance evaluation management, the establishment of the company. The Department. Performance objectives and performance measurement and improvement system of various levels of positions, established a strict management system. Knowledge of quality assurance system. The environmental management system and occupation health and safety management system, to ensure all the process controlled. Advanced management methods regularly organize learning, learning. Through training and communication, the establishment of a learning type team. Hard work, the formation of a rapid response. Innovation of the enterprise environment, to ensure the orderly operation of enterprises. To perform effectively, to ensure to provide customers with quality service and satisfactory products.

The company focus on technological innovation and new product development, the use of various forms of high-quality professional and technical backbone of the introduction as a research leader and established cooperation between universities and institutes, set up Cable Research Institute and Research Center, is the common development of the products are: special explosion-proof rope rope. Experiment, the success of the military guide rope. Luminous deep-sea cable signal cable cross in the test, the potential target system. High strength composite slip rope cable national utility model patents, in January 2016 the company developed the "giant god" brand of high molecular weight polypropylene monofilament strong force reached 9.3cN/dtex, breaking the limit of the international ordinary polypropylene filament strength 5cN/dtex. In the case of the same quality, with the production of fiber cable, the tensile strength is 1.3 times of nylon 66, but the price is only 66 of the 60% nylon, can for the army. Yuan ocean enterprises with the overall cost savings of more than 40% cable units.

Our company has established a military representative office to better accept the supervision and guidance of the military. Companies adhering to the "hard work of establishing enterprises, science and technology enterprise". The "integrity-based, customer first" business philosophy, to provide a full range of intelligence for our customers at home and abroad. The quality of service, to do fine. Make every inch of the cable, because of your trust, we go all out, the mission will be reached. In the future, we work hand in hand!